The Building Blocks of Geton Ecosystem Explained

LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA / ACCESSWIRE / December 11, 2020 / Geton has built the mechanism that merges the Universal Basic Salary with a platform where promising business ideas are launched to reach the international market.

Blockchain corporations as the base

To defy the challenges that influence the destiny of too many young businesses with innovative ideas but without the means of execution, Geton serves primarily as a platform for sustainable business growth.

It supports business ideas through the startup phase to the stage of a successful company with a global reach.

Through tokenization of the company’s assets on the blockchain, the projects get backed easier and faster by the network of Geton investors. In this win-win scenario, the company expands its market share while the community gets more opportunities for investment.

Universal Passive Salary for backers

By investing in these young and highly prospective projects, backers receive rewards through staking and referral plans. These allow them to earn Universal Passive Salary on a sustainable basis, rather than enjoying a one-off return on their investment.

With some projects, they even have a say in creating new product lines, which further enhances the role of the community in the evolution of successful businesses.

Other core elements of Geton

The tokenization of blockchain companies and the Universal Passive Salary mechanism are further complemented by other elements that make up the Geton ecosystem.

The DPMC (Dynamic Price Modelling Concept) defies the unpredictable market price movements and guarantees sustainable growth of projects using laws of math. GetonGlobal and GetonTrading bring the referral and staking opportunities to the masses. GetonExchange (now with staking) provides a platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies, while GetonMarkets work similarly to Coinmarketcap, listing tokens of Geton blockchain projects and their price movements. The latest to join the Geton universe is GetonVIP catering to high-ticket investors.

Growth for businesses and people

By using the blockchain technology to bridge the gap between business and people, the Geton ecosystem and its founder Milan Kozlevcar aim to deliver benefits to both sides of the equation. It empowers the community of backers, entrepreneurs and regular people like me or you looking for sustainable ways of income.

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Company *: Geton d.o.o.
Name *: Milan Kozlevcar (Founder & CEO)
Address: Gosposvetska cesta 4A
City: Ljubljana
Country *: Slovenia, EU
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SOURCE: Geton d.o.o.

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