Warehouse Optimization Helps Improve Supply Chain Efficiency for a Pharma Company | Quantzig’s Recent Success Story

  • Quantzig’s warehouse optimization solutions focus on automation to help save time and resources
  • Warehouse optimization solutions not only focus on optimizing the warehouse facilities and processes but also enhance inventory management

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#InventoryManagement–Quantzig, a leader in delivering scalable analytics solutions and data science services, today announced the completion of its warehouse optimization engagement.

“Our warehouse optimization solutions include warehouse flow, product placement, storage, and retrieval systems that help create lean warehouses and agile supply chains,” says a warehouse optimization expert at Quantzig.

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Warehouse optimization is the process in which the experts focus on the optimum use of space, time, and resources in a warehouse. Warehouse optimization also leverages automation to streamline processes. Automation helps in improvising warehouse management plans while reducing errors and improving flexibility. It’s also important to deploy an automation framework while optimizing warehouse operations since it helps in fast and efficient data collection. Not only this, but warehouse optimization solutions also focus on increasing the lifetime value of resources such as forklifts, trucks, etc. Read the complete article for comprehensive insights: https://bit.ly/3h5MjeH

Warehouse Optimization Engagement Summary

The client is a multinational pharmaceutical company based out of the United States. They mainly manufacture and sell pharmaceutical formulations and APIs across North America and Europe. This pharmaceutical client was facing predicaments with optimizing their warehouse management plan while deriving an inventory management plan that helps in smooth business processes.

Quantzig’s top-notch warehouse optimization solutions enabled the pharmaceutical client to seamlessly optimize their business processes within the warehouse and other related branches. Then the experts deployed automation which enabled the client to ease out the process of outgoing shipments. This warehouse optimization automation also enabled this American pharma giant to tackle other variable aspects such as in-house snags and inbound freight.

With a sudden surge in demand for APIs and other pharmaceutical products, faster order fulfillment has become a crucial part of every organization in the pharma industry. Speak to our experts to learn more about inventory management solutions and warehouse optimization plans from Quantzig.

Value Delivered

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved pharma supply chain efficiency
  • Improved labor allocation
  • Devised an inventory management plan

We offer cutting-edge warehouse optimization solutions to help pharma companies improve commercial success using real-world insights. Collaborating with us can help you make the most of the data at hand by applying advanced data modeling techniques and solutions designed and custom-built to suit your needs. Book a FREE Demo to learn more about our proprietary analytics platforms and warehouse optimization capabilities.

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