NordLynx Shows Impressive Results in Independent Tests

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PANAMA CITY, PANAMA / ACCESSWIRE / July 15, 2020 / It has been slightly under three months since NordVPN opened up their NordLynx protocol to their customer base. Since then, multiple tests on the protocol have been conducted by independent sites. The results have been stunning, to say the least.

NordVPN has released a slew of products over the past year, the majority of which have remained security and privacy-focused. NordLynx is their first significant update to the NordVPN application in recent times.

What is NordLynx?

NordLynx is NordVPN’s adaptation of the much anticipated WireGuard protocol. Touted to be much lighter, faster, and more secure, WireGuard nonetheless remains under heavy development. So far only a handful of VPN providers have tentatively implemented WireGuard for use.

NordVPN, a VPN service provider that has been diving headfirst into the real of new technologies and products, decided it would take the best of WireGuard and improve on it. The result was NordLynx.

NordLynx makes use of WireGuard for its core performance and characteristics but adds on an additional element. That element is the custom-designed double Network Address Translation (NAT) system.

By itself, WireGuard’s limitation is that it needs to make use of fixed IP addresses in order to create connections. That requires data to be stored so that individual connections can be recognized.

Thanks to NordVPN’s double NAT system, dynamic local IPs can be created and destroyed on the fly. This removes the need to keep track of information that can be used to identify users, allowing NordLynx to stay true to VPN usage ideologies.

How Big an Advantage Does NordLynx Have?

Before going into this, it should be noted that NordVPN has been observed to run OpenVPN at relatively high speeds. This itself was already a major plus point to their VPN product and has made it a very popular choice.

1As an example, in tests results shown on review site WHSR, the numbers reflect a general increase of double and in some cases, triple the speed over an OpenVPN connection. This increase in speed also does not seem to be negatively impacted by distance of the client to server.

Does This Make NordVPN King of the Field?

While in many ways NordVPN is an excellent choice of VPN it still does have its drawbacks. For example, it remains in a tentative position on a topic which grates almost all VPN providers – China.

Apparently, NordVPN remains unable to offer stable performance from China and this is shown quite definitively on some China-specific review sites. While tests using the NordLynx protocol have not yet been carried out from within China, the results aren’t expected to change.

Nonetheless, speeds observed have been eyebrow-raising and doubtless will only improve further as WireGuard evolves.

VPN Services Continue to Evolve

Even as NordVPN forges forward in its product lineup and with the very impressive NordLynx protocol, other service providers have not been idle. Other industry leaders have also begun to stir in their own ways.

For example, ExpressVPN recently released their Lightway protocol. Touted as a “all-new, next-generation protocol, built from the ground up,” Lightway is meant to be faster and more agile than existing protocols. At the moment it remains in Beta and only available for Android devices.

Others like CyberGhost have eschewed latching onto yet-untested technologies and have remained focused on expanding their network. Over time the CyberGhost global network has grown by leaps and bounds, today fielding more than 6,300 secure servers.

For those who wish to try out any of the new technologies mentioned, all you need to do is sign up for the necessary VPN service. All technologies are open on their respective platforms and you can experiment with them immediately.

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