Kory Angelin Shares Keys on How to Keep Customers Coming Back

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 21, 2020 / Award-winning trainer, published author, speaker, and podcast host Kory Angelin is taking the initiative to help leaders realize their full potential. He has over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry. Kory has worked for some of the top fitness brands in the world. His extensive portfolio includes engagements with Lifetime Fitness, Equinox, Les Mills and his current role with F45, teaching brand experience.

Kory’s expertise reached the world’s most coveted fitness brands. He partnered with Nike to launch its SPARQ brand. Kory has also collaborated with pro athletes. Aside from that, he has been featured in various magazines such as Sports Illustrated, Club Solutions, Club Industry, and Mastering Your Money. More than gaining fame and a reputable name, Kory prides himself on doing something he is genuinely passionate about.

On top of his career in the fitness business, Kory is also a sought-after motivational speaker. Most recently, he launched his second book entitled #Sellout. He tackled ways and strategies on how businesses can provide excellent customer experience and not merely focus on selling. Kory hosts the podcast called Rep It Up as well. It serves as an avenue for people to listen to tips on how to grow their business, without compromising the importance of creating a memorable customer experience.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the economy is facing drastic changes so that both companies and customers can adapt to the new normal. Kory stepped in with solutions for companies to jumpstart their brands back into operation. He said that instead of hard-selling and formulating promos, business establishments should focus their efforts on building worthwhile customer experience. In turn, their efforts could encourage consumer loyalty.

Great brands, according to Kory, do two things: one is that they believe in their product or services, and two, they can charge premium prices because they treat their customers well. Kory expressed that it would be impractical for businesses to give discounts or freebies to attract customers in their reopening. It could potentially damage their resources and does not necessarily guarantee returns in the sales cycle. “I have been successful at sales by ‘not’ selling but rather creating a great customer journey,” said Kory.

Furthermore, Kory has a unique ability to engage in customer conversations that bring positive effects to the company. The first thing that needs to be done is to strategically overcome objections, which means being persistent without sounding like a hard sell. The second is to plant seeds, whether of the benefits of a product or services. Lastly, he said that businesses should be able to activate the emotional part of the brain that is responsible for deciding on making a purchase.

Kory is expanding his audience from being an authority in the fitness world to being a success in the corporate industry. He envisions giving tools to business owners, general managers, and sales managers that would assist them in achieving a worthwhile customer journey for their businesses. Kory is motivated to maximize customer experience strategies to help more people reach their full potential. He also stressed the importance of building a relationship and trust with customers because it dramatically affects the reputation of the brand.

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