CINDX Blockchain-Based Fund Management Ecosystem Announces Launch

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 24, 2019 / The CINDX project platform is a revolutionary ecosystem designed to cater to a broad range of crypto market participants seeking to make profit on their professional skills and portfolios. The project is announcing the launch of the main stage of its fundraising campaign and welcomes all to join and take advantage of the value offering its product has.

The bear market of 2018 has not deterred many crypto investors from seeking ways of monetizing their portfolios and continuing to operate on exchanges. The current trading volume has exceeded the hype levels of 2017, even though 2018 was a bearish year. This means that trading is developing and gaining momentum, despite the bear market conditions.

The CINDX platform operates on a comprehensive and advanced set of algorithms that allows it to select the best trading strategies applied by traders using its own rating system and add them to the marketplace. The rating system that CINDX applies is unique and guarantees the accuracy and transparency of the trader’s rating on the platform by analyzing their trading history on the basis of several parameters, including risk. The CINDX platform uses segmented and combined ratings to reflect the full and weighted position of the Manager in the system. The basis for calculating the rating is the trading history recorded on the blockchain, thus ensuring transparency.

Investors have the freedom of choosing the strategies that are optimal for them via their personal exchange accounts without any transfers of funds. Once the strategy has been selected and the Manager offering it, the Investor only needs to follow that Manager and watch the magic unfold. The Manager, in turn, receives payment only after their followers actually make a profit. All the funds of the Investors are stored on their personal accounts on the exchange, and they are not transferred either to the trader or to the platform, thus guaranteeing security and preventing fraud.

CINDX is a rapidly developing platform with a working product, which aims to incorporate more add-ons in the near future. The CINDX project team is composed of highly experienced professionals from a variety of industries who have decided to develop a product that would cater to both traders and investors. Top strategies showcasing excellent results of profitability have already been tested and launched. From January to May, 2019 100 strategies of various traders were analyzed, 14 were filtered and 12 have proven to be profitable. The total profit achieved on the basis of these strategies was 18.6% in BTC and 86% in USDT. The crypto market is developing rapidly and the CINDX platform aims to be at the forefront of market liquidity turnover.

The CINDX fundraising campaign will be the first fully legal event taking place under EU legislation. Joint Stock Company CINDX Investkapital AS operates in accordance with Directive EU843 / 2018 dated May 22, 2018, which allows the provision of online financial services worldwide, except for FATCA countries and countries with a potential terrorist threat. For more details on the sale and information about CINDX, visit the project website or any of their social media channels.


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