World’s Foremost Pricing Experts Announce Their New Book “Price Management: Strategy, Analysis, Decision, Implementation” Presenting Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches, and Current Innovations in Pricing Theory and Practice

Now available in the U.S., this book is Simon-Kucher & Partners
founder Hermann Simon’s 14
th on the subject of
pricing, and his second co-authored with Professor Martin Fassnacht.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Simon-Kucher and Partners founder Hermann Simon and marketing expert
Martin Fassnacht have announced their new book Price Management:
Strategy, Analysis, Decision, Implementation
978-3-319-99456-7). The volume is a comprehensive resource that looks
beyond the traditional parameters of “price theory” and “price policy,”
and takes a more holistic approach to pricing strategy and tactical
implementation which the authors have termed “price management”.

The concept of price management represents the intersection of price
and value, the place where the producer of goods or services and the
customer meet”, according to Simon. “Pricing strategies typically fail
whenever there is a miscalculation made during any of the four price
management phases: strategy, analysis, decision, and implementation.”

While price management could be viewed as a basic business discipline
like management, marketing, information technology and finance, our
collective experience has shown that the optimal way to frame and solve
pricing issues is often industry specific.” Price Management:
Strategy, Analysis, Decision, Implementation
presents the role of
price as a short-term profit driver or as a way to create sustained
shareholder value. It features dozens of examples and case studies based
on both authors’ extensive research, consulting, and teaching
experiences from around the world, and examines a multitude of nuances
encountered across a wide range of industry sectors including consumer
goods, industrial products, services, and trade/distribution.

Additionally, Simon and Fassnacht examine the impact of technological
advancements, such as the Internet and new measurement and sensor
technologies, which have led to price management innovations such as
flat rates, freemium, pay-per-use, and pay-what-you-want. They also
address the emergence of new price metrics and emerging payment systems
like cryptocurrencies.

Because price management is being embraced by senior-level executives
worldwide and taught at leading academic institutions, the book’s
integration of theory and practice makes it a timely reference for
students, academics, entrepreneurs and managers. Concludes Simon, “Price
Management: Strategy, Analysis, Decision, Implementation
is designed
to make it relevant to both current business leaders and business
leaders of the future.”

Price Management: Strategy, Analysis, Decision, Implementation is
published by Springer
Nature Group
and is available on Amazon.

* Martin Fassnacht is Professor at the Otto Beisheim School of

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