Persado Expands Analytics Capabilities, Empowering Marketers with More Data-Driven Insights on the Descriptive Elements of Creative

Descriptive Insights is the latest addition to Persado Analytics, the
platform’s comprehensive suite of marketing language insights on creative

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–lt;a href=”” target=”_blank”gt;#AIlt;/agt;–Persado, the leader in using AI to generate the best-performing
marketing creative harnessing the power of words, today unveiled
Descriptive Insights. This enhancement is the latest addition to Persado
Analytics, the company’s robust suite of AI and data-driven marketing

Descriptive Insights gives Persado customers unmatched analysis and
insights of how specific words and phrases related to product
classifications, promotions, offers and services influence marketing
campaign engagement. With this latest release, CMOs and their teams gain
access to more industry-leading, holistic analytics on how and why
language impacts marketing campaign performance, ultimately empowering
them to use science instead of guesswork to craft digital marketing
creative and beyond.

“Even with the rise of AI, today’s marketing teams still rely heavily on
intuition and opinion when crafting advertising creative. Our goal is to
change that narrative by arming marketers with the confidence of
mathematical certainty, and the comprehensive insights necessary to
intelligently generate marketing creative and drive revenue,” said Assaf
Baciu, Co-Founder and SVP of Product & Engineering, Persado.
“Descriptive Insights is a major milestone for Persado as we lead this
AI and data-driven creative revolution. This update gives marketers more
than just an understanding of how language performs in their marketing
campaigns –– it gives them critical lessons they can apply across the
entire customer experience, both online and offline.”

Examples of how Descriptive Insights can be applied across creative,
media and industries include:

  • Retail and E-commerce: Understand whether audiences respond
    better to discount percentages (% off), offer amounts ($ off)
    or value-focused descriptions (great deal).
  • Technology: Discover if focusing on the product sophistication (award-winning,
    advanced, next-level software
    ) is more effective than focusing on
    the user experience (easy-to-use, user-friendly, interactive
  • Fashion: Determine which characteristics of different garments (material,
    pattern, color, style
    , et al.) are more alluring to shoppers.
  • Financial Services: Explore whether messages with specific
    instructions (get started here) or those that highlight
    specific features and perks (earn more miles) drive more credit
    card applications.
  • Travel & Hospitality: Know whether travelers are more
    likely to respond to messages that highlight the value-for-money (affordable
    rates, cheap rooms, low fares
    ) or ones that focus on their
    experience (exciting destinations, stunning views, fun activities).

Powered by Persado’s Message Machine –– the world’s most comprehensive
marketing language knowledgebase of more than one million tagged and
scored words and phrases –– Descriptive Insights provides data-driven
analysis of descriptive words and phrases within Persado Analytics,
enhancing marketers’ holistic understanding of the impact of marketing
language across audiences, channels and industries throughout the
customer journey.

Descriptive Insights is a key component of the platform’s umbrella of
performance metrics, Persado Analytics, which offers customers critical
insight into how variables like emotion and formatting affect success.
Key features of Persado Analytics include:

  1. Performance reports on emotion, descriptions and formatting:
    Using the most effective emotional appeal or the least effective
    descriptor can have a dramatic impact on engagement and revenue.
    Persado uses mathematical analysis to predict and optimize the most
    effective elements of a particular campaign, for a particular channel
    and when speaking to a particular audience.
  2. Engagement trends over time: What worked yesterday might not
    work tomorrow. Persado Analytics shows marketers how audience
    interests evolve over time so they can apply those learnings to future
  3. Language contribution reports: Marketers must understand the
    parts of a campaign that customers care about most. Whether it’s the
    call-to-action, emotional appeal or descriptor, Persado provides full
    visibility into how these variables impact engagement.
  4. Insight breakdowns: Customers can view insights broken down by
    specific campaigns, audiences and channels.

, a nonprofit organization that brings clean and safe drinking
water to people in developing countries, recently utilized Persado’s
Descriptive Insights to drive up awareness and attract more recurring
donors. charity: water was able to identify and understand the emotions,
words, and phrases that resonated most across their audiences. The
Persado Message Machine ultimately drove a 146 percent uplift in
conversion rate for charity: water’s Facebook lookalike audience and an
average 32 percent uplift across all audiences, as well as 21 percent
more content views than ever before.

Descriptive Insights through Persado Analytics is now available to
customers. For more information about Persado or to schedule a demo,
please visit

About Persado

Persado is reinventing digital marketing creative by applying
mathematical certainty to the message, the foundational DNA of
Marketing. By unlocking the power of words, companies win every digital
marketing moment, experiencing dramatic new levels of brand engagement
and revenue performance. CMOs from the world’s most valuable brands rely
on Persado to generate in a dramatically new way using the power of
intelligent automation, AI and advancements in linguistic science to
unlock the power of words and emotionally engage consumers, one by one,
moment by moment at scale.

The Persado Message Machine uses sophisticated AI, data science,
computational linguistics and machine learning to generate the perfect
message for every campaign by leveraging the world’s most advanced
marketing language knowledgebase of more than one million tagged and
scored words and phrases. Marketers gain full visibility with
quantifiable results and data-driven insights to identify the trends and
emotional language that win every moment in the customer journey while
ensuring the marketing message always reinforces brand voice.

For more information about Persado or to schedule a demo, please visit, and follow Persado on Twitter.


Bella Zabinofsky for Persado

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