Bidgely Strengthens Leadership Position in Utility Artificial Intelligence With Electric Vehicle Disaggregation Patent

UtilityAI solutions transforming multiple utility B2B functions while
accelerating new electrification revenue streams

continues to expand its intellectual
property portfolio
with a new patent
grant protecting its lucrative electric vehicle (EV) disaggregation
technology, which has been successfully detecting EVs and charger type
in the home for utilities since 2018. This grant adds to the robust set
of 14 patents protecting unique technology developments like load
disaggregation from smart and non-smart meters, as well as solar PV
disaggregation and appliance-level similar home comparisons. Bidgely’s
core disaggregation technology powers its industry-first UtilityAI
solutions, which extend from customer-facing to internal utility
business functions and tackle use cases like distributed energy resource
orchestration; electrification; customer engagement; and demand side and
peak load management.

“We see 2019 as a breakout year for utility artificial intelligence, and
we are leading the drive with the most comprehensive patent portfolio in
the industry – serving as the foundation to applying AI and machine
learning to energy data,” said Bidgely CEO Abhay Gupta. “Our deepening
IP, expanding set of UtilityAI solutions and broadening executive bench
strength from the tech enterprise space creates a groundswell of
momentum for solving utility challenges, such as optimizing shareholder
value, personalizing engagement and modernizing the grid.”

In a recent blog post,
EY asserts that AI can help power and utility companies access new
business models and revenue streams via deep data-driven insights, which
enable, in turn, an intelligent, stable and autonomous grid. For
example, electrification and EVs are creating significant monetization
opportunities as well as solutions to load swings on the grid. With an
estimated 2.9 million EVs expected to hit the streets within five years,
CAISO estimates this will bring over 11,000 GWh of load to the U.S.
power grid (or about $1.5 billion in annual electricity sales). Using
artificial intelligence to automatically identify homes with EVs without
customer input will be critical to capitalize on this new revenue stream.

Building on its expanded patent portfolio, Bidgely enters 2019 with
momentum on both customer and artificial intelligence leadership fronts,
recently capturing recognition on the 2019 Cleantech
list that showcases companies most likely to make big commercial
impacts in the coming 5-10 years. Now serving more than 15 million homes
with disaggregation technology for both smart and analog meters without
requiring additional hardware, the company continues to delight
consumers with 90 percent “Likes” for its digital communications and
over 45 percent repeat email open rates.

Through artificial intelligence advancements and strategic partnerships,
Bidgely is rapidly scaling its solutions that serve multiple utility
functions, ranging from energy efficiency and demand side management;
customer engagement, customer satisfaction and call centers; and grid
edge, smart home and distributed energy resources planning and controls.
For example, through a new partnership
with EnergyHub,
Bidgely has entered the smart home controls market to balance grid loads
at massive scale.

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About Bidgely

Bidgely is transforming the way customers interact with their energy
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